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Pallet racking system series SUPER 4/5/6

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Unique design in the world

SUPER 4/5/6 series are distinticive by patented and unique design of vertical upright.

               stub s4-1                         stub s4

The profile of upright have totally closed intersection - 4-sided box-shaped. Instead of surface perforation, bumps formed by pulling enable connection with other elements. Due to mechanical cold deformation processing, higher purity is achieved for connection bumps for horizontal beams,  and unique design of cross intersection provide great bending resistence. Due to extremely high quality of the material that is made of, all elements have extremely small volume comparing to its load bearing capacity. Surface protection is done by procedure SENDZIMIR (hot dipped galvanised steel).


Everything mentioned above give extraordinary characteristics to this system.


Unique design is reflected also with numerous combining possibilities of the vertical carriers into the system of two or four uprights system as well as the interlock of the horizontal carriers to every direction around the upright. This kind of solution provide distinct advantage comparing to classic systems, especialy when designing complex installations with platform, as support structures of various purposes and also as basic for upgrade by special requests and needs.

The system is especially recomended for warehouse with necessary high level of hygiene maintenance like for example in pharmacological warehouses, food storages, refrigerated chambers, etc.



Thanks to original solution and extraordinary characteristics, this racking system is widely used and convenient for equipment of all kind storage systems of various purposes. Beside the weight reduction of the construction itself and improvement of the load capacities, compared to classic system, SUPERBUILD 4/5/6 has also very competative price. 

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