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Super 6 mezzanines are modular stuctures, totally created from interlocking components, able to be adapted to the most demanding requirements. The profile Super 6 upright is a closed section without perforations and cut-outs, enabling cretion of mezzanine structures in limitless forms and configurations which allows our Clients to maximise their warehouse capacity.

Mezzanines system components

Upper level is usually created via the assembly of the METALSISTEM patented modular steel floor panels. METALSISTEM steel floor panels are available in three different surface options: smooth, ribbed and perforated.


Super 6 mezzanines are supplied complete with hand rails, stairs and sliding gates (if requested), all accord with current safety standard requirements.

Along with Super 6 series we can offer wide range of additional equipment and accessories that can satisfy every requirements for storage facility. Super 6 isn't simply a n additional storage surface but ajdustable modular structure, able to be tailored to your specific requirements.


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