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Floor and overhead conveyors

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Longtime experience in projecting and inmplementation of transporting systems, aswell as collaboration with Jervis B. Webb gives us possibility to offer quality solutions for floor and overhead transfer.

We will just mention major and the best known systems, from wide rnage of producing programm:

• Chain conveyors: plate, lattice, hinge, apron
• Chain conveyors for pallet transporting
• Band conveyors
• Roller conveyors: automatic and manual, with or without inclination
• Overhead conveyors 3”, 4” i 6”
• Double-rail overhead conveyors (POWER & FREE)
• Overhead conveyors - UNIBILT system
• Floor (INVERTED) conveyors
• Conveyors installed in th floor level (TOWEYOR)
• SKID conveyor system
• SKILET conveyor system
• Overhead systems of motorized pillars (TOWMATIC)
• Automatic driving unit with a megnetic guide fitted in the floor (PRONTOW), etc.

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