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Continual vertical transport (liftveyor)

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This lift-veyor in one of new freight veyor models and it serves for a continual transport of the load. With it's construction and working system actually represents combination of freight veyor and transporter. The load in LIFT-VEYOR moves from horizontal to vertical direction without any oscilations. Loading of package can be manually or automatically. It provides complete automatic loading and unloading of transport packs of any shape (containers, carton boxes, bins, bags etc.). Direction of the transporter can be changed easily.

Taking into consideration his special characteristic to allow passing from horizontal to vertical motion, with extraordinary space saving in the vertical direction, it's obvious that LIFT-VEYOR offers services that makes it worth of attention. We should add also the fact, that charge and discharge are simple for the usual banded transporters as well as for the steped transporters.

Beside that, possibility of damages of transported goods, even the one that's really fragile, is eliminated, because whole proces is without any hits and bounces.
LIFT-VEYOR purchase expenses, maintenance and even the operation costs, are lower that for any other traditional type of vertical transporter.


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