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Hannover Fair 2011

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On recently finished well knowen fair of intralogistics CeMAT 2011 which takes place at every trhee years in Hannover, company METALSISTEM, Italy, presented their programme on stand area of around 700m2.

Central part of the stand was dedicated to unique and patented racking system SUPER 4/5/6, from which elements was formed platform of 100m2 with two accessible stairways.




Special part of the stand was dedicated to presentation of the new series of beams (horizontal carriers) of pallet racking with double interlock. This new, advanced system of interlock secures more load capacity of the whole construction and also considerably increases stability. All of the above enables racking with less horizontal and vertical beams which further raduces the price. Connection between angle that goes on the upright and horizontal beam is compound by clenching. Clenching provides much better visual control of generated joints unlike the current welded ones, where welded joints need special method of control. New types of the beams are now available for the following racking systems: SUPERBUILD, SUPERBO and UNIBUILD.



The METALSISTEM also presented some innovations on its stand like new MINILOAD racking system which main purpose is storage of plastic and metal boxes. MINILOAD racking system is automatic system for storage of various products and goods of smaller quantities. The racking system by itself is based on modified UNIRACK system. The height limit of the MINILOAD system is over 10m.


All exposed items attracted great attention, especially the SUPER 4/5/6 racking system with its unique design and characteristics highlighted all the other manufacturers. It represents once again a proof of the superiority and victory of modern and advanced solutions comparing to classic ones. Especially this segment confirms well known and recognized Italian design and innovation.


Metal Sistemi Plus delegation had extraordinary honor to respond to invitation of METALSISTEM S.p.A. for active participation, as part of the exhibitor team. We seized this opportunity to promote our company and also to revive some old as well as to establish new contact with customers from this part of Europe.

Presentation of METALSISTEM stand appearance on CeMAT 2011 fair can be seen on the link below.



Fair catalogue METALSISTEM Hannover 2011

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