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Green energy

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15.july 2011. METALSISTEM started photovoltaic system in their factory in Rovereto, Italy. This installation is the second bigges in Italy by the energy produced. Photovoltaic system covers an area of 38.677 m2 with 11.636 solar panels installed on METALSISTEM steal uprights and beams. Whole installation is on the top of the METALSISTEM manufacturing factories. Complete investment is 7.5 miliona EUR and will generate 3000 Mwh pure energy per year, providing 93% of energy required for production proces, without any pollution to the environment.


In addition to signficant investments in renewable sources of resaerch and energy, METALSISTEM can also be proud for unique production proces with ZERO emissions, ZERO efect, ZERO disposal of waste matirials. Unique team created a dozen of global patents protecting METALSISTEM production proces.


Istitutional bodies of Trentin region took part in this project, as well as the Rovereto district, Industrian association, and other institucions and associations.


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