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Distributive program

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Founded in 1968. godine, company METALSISTEM started its activities specioalising in design and production of machinery for the cold profiling materials. During the years of generating experience, numerous highly innovative patents have been result of intense research and development, and considerable market success of the first range of cold zink coated profiles quckly channelled METALSISTEM toward the production of storage systems.

distributerski-program2Today the METALSISTEM Group is an articulated network of companies with its head office and main production facility in Rovereto, Italy. The METALSISTEM Group positioned themselves as one of the leading idustries within the Material Handling Sector.
Through products and services directed to provide complete assistance for all warehouse systems, product showcasing and sales outlet requirements, companies of the METALSISTEM Group are able to offer their Customers a wide assortment of products of the highest quality, at very competitive prices, and with great delivery time and a first class back up service, as well as the ''tailor made'' solutions for efficient and rational use of internal storage areas and material handling environments.

Lightness, strenght and modular form, coupled with the ease of itegrating and expanding already existing structures are just a few of the succesful features of the METALSISTEM storage and shelving systems.

The success of METALSISTEM Group is the resul of the carefuly selected management choices which are based on research and development of new technologies and innovational solutions for production systems. METALSISTEM strategy is to offer products of the highest quality, with exceptional prices along with short delivery time and first class service.

distributerski-program1The numerous product lines are designed by METALSISTEM's R&D Centre, as well as the profiling lines and equipment required for their manufacture. The automated production facilities for cold profiling of metals have enabled METALSISTEM to achieve one of the highest levels of productivity in the world today.
All products have elevated structural characteristics and ensure high quality standards recognised by the most prestigious European certification associations, such as German's TUV Product Service GmbH, Austria's O-NORM, Rome's I.S.P.E.S.L. ACAI/CISI (Associazione Construttori Accaiaio Italiani-Sezione Construttori Italiani di Scaffalatura Idustriale) the latter which METALSISTEM has membership and many others.

The company's quality assurance system ISO 9001 is certified by IGQ.

With an annual turnover that exceeds 260 miliona EUR, the METALSISTEM Group premises occupy a total area of 230.000 m2, 125.000 m2 of which are dedicated for production.

The METALSISTEM Group partners, affilated companies and distributors provide a world wide comercial network covering domestic and foregn market, and are able to satisfy the most demanding requests and needs.

We greatly appreciate the high level of trust from our Clients and feel that it is a proof of our the reliability and quality of our products.

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Bulevar Kraljice Marije 54V-4

34000 Kragujevac

Telefon: +381 34 63 55 635
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Telefax: +381 34 63 55 630

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